Wonder Jewel

A unique start up combining fashion, 3D printing and wireless technology.
Wonder Jewel – Smart Jewels for personal safety.

Wonder Jewel offers various designs of Nitzan Kish Balan: rings bracelets and chains.

In case of assault, the subject wearing the Wonder Jewel, alerts by pressing the jewel and sends a trigger to the Wonder Jewel app. The app calls the emergency services and the community members nearby and the camera starts recording the video.

The subject location is appearing on the members’ mobiles screen upon alerts and the help is on the way.

Wonder Jewel keeps evolving with innovative technologies of sound and video to identify distress and prevent violent attacks.

Wonder Jewel is now raising funds with Headstart platform: https://headstart.co.il/project/60785

Connox is proud to take part in supporting this entrepreneurship.

Nitzan Kish Balan, Founder and Designer of Wonder Jewel