Connox creates professional Power Point and google slides presentation.
We distinguish between two main categories: business presentations and product presentation. Each presentation is designed individually with different structure and serves different goals.

At a glance

 > Professional structure
> Articulate content
> Individual graphic design
> Ultimate tool
Product Presentation
Product presentation is a significant marketing tool while introducing your product to prospective customers, management or a sales channel.
Product presentation is also a check point that guides your employees and colleagues, and provides a clear vision.

Your presentation will equip you with the impression you need and professional approach:

Target audience
 – the angle of your presentation should meet the interest of your target audience. The product remains the same; the concerns and the background are different. Connox presentation will provide you with accuracy.

Stand out
 – you want your product to be introduced as a brilliant solution. Connox will emphasize your product specialty and unity.

Bottom line
 – Achieve your desired results: purchase order by your customer, qualification of your channels’ sales representative or receiving additional funding by your management.
Briefly, the presentation structure designed as following:
– Introduction
– Solution
– Description and specification
– Positioning and clients profile
– Benefits
– Successes and case study
– Closing argument

 Business Presentation (Investors)
Your business presentation serves you and reveals your capabilities.
Whether your goal is to find an investment or launch a new product, you are expected to provide relevant documentation and stand out to get your audience’s curiosity.

Usually, you will get the chance for first impression using a presentation that will tell your story.
Connox designs your story and provides you with the ultimate tool to introduce your vision, using the right elements to achieve your goals.
Briefly, the presentation contains the following materials:
> Introduction
> Vision
> Solution
> Product
> Opportunities
> Market – potential, competition
> Business Model Customer Acquisition
> Team
Also, your presentation shall reflect the nature of your business. Therefor, we will take you step-by-step, guide you and make sure it serves your interests and presents you at your best.