Omnichannel and Multichannel Strategies

Omni channel is the later marketing strategy, commonly used for global brands. Omni channel management syncs all existing digital platforms (mobile, tablets , desktops , and social media networks) with physical stores to create a consumer experience continuous , single and heightened;
While Multi -channel mode basically describes a retailer chooses to sell in any way possible that displays its wares in a physical stores, websites , application or website optimized for mobile in order to improve sales in every possible way .
Omni channel strategy is based on awareness to user experience to maintain purchasing experience, thus Omni Channel strategy aligns its sales channels with uniformed design on sales channels’ websites, Points of sale and selling methods.  Naturally, Omni channels has been developed with the digital media and utilizes it for market growth.
Omni Channel strategy optimizes sales of potential buyers on through physical stores, brand’s website, mobile Apps, market place arena (e.g Amazon) just like in Multi – Channel but all in line uniform design with a shopping experience identical to maintain purchasing experience.
A short while ago, digital channels challenged the physical points of sales. Stores had to make extraordinary efforts to emphasis their advantages, gain leverage and win consumers. With Omni channels, joint efforts directed by the brand management, serves all channels interests.