Happy New Year China – 新年快乐

Happy New Year China!
This is the year of the dog, 狗—gǒu.
People born in the year of the dog are valued in their workplace.
Every year Connox grows its activity with China and learn more about new cultural and business opportunities in this exciting country.

Let us give you a few tips for business meeting in China:

Visiting card

Serve your visiting card in a beginning of a meeting, hold it with two hands while facing the receiver.

Visit China

Chinese business persons value personal relationships. Visiting your business partners in China would be appreciated.


Choose a nice wrapped gift and give it away at the end of a meeting.


Usually, the word “no” is out of use in China, and Chinese people with find indirect ways to say “no” e.g: “we will think about it” or “it is difficult”.


Negotiating is acceptable in China and naturally testing both sides’ limits.

Holiday’s season  

Schedule your meeting and vacations in China in accordance with the Chinese calendar.