Choose Your Social Networks

It has no news that Social Networks are a powerful marketing tool to keep your audience updated and entertained. Let us count a few: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn. All of us hold accounts in different networks and all advertisers constantly fight for our attention.

As an advertiser that uses these networks, you are required to produce original, relevant content and financed activity to raise attention to your business and gain fans to your network page. Naturally, it requires your most valuable sources of time and money (it is, of course, highly recommended to use a professional).

Before you make the efforts, note that some of the social networks are not suitable to your business profile and may be a waste of time and resources, even if you are working with unlimited budget (which is unlikely).

For example, Connox is working with mid-large companies; producing content in Facebook in order to increase fans and make a presentation of a popular company is pointless.

We are working with organizations; private people will not appreciate our information about professional activity in their personal feed, Connox manage a businees blog in its website for news.

As a part of marketing strategy, we advise you to use the most suitable networks that will gain the best results for your efforts and resources.