Wonder Jewel

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A unique start up combining fashion, 3D printing and wireless technology.Wonder Jewel – Smart Jewels for personal safety. Wonder Jewel offers various designs of Nitzan Kish Balan: rings bracelets and chains. In case of assault, the subject wearing the Wonder Jewel, alerts by pressing the jewel and sends a trigger to the Wonder Jewel app. […]

5 Mythological Pitch Decks

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The pitch decks of the global brands all started as an idea, which eventually became an essential part of our daily lives. These decks are responsible for persuading VCs in investing as well. This article will provide you five great examples to help you understand how pitch decks work more comprehensively. Additionally, each deck’s key […]

Cash Plan

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Developing a Successful Financial Business Plan for Startups Ultimately it’s the founders’ responsibility to present a realistic but aggressive and attractive business plan to potential investors and persuade them to invest valued resources in your company. These financial tool is essential to your startup and will shape your decisions at early stage. Running a cash […]

Presenting AR Technology on Motorcycle Smart Helmets in Berlin

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Smart Alliance Berlin is a program held by Berlin Partners, helping startups from tech cites e.g: Paris, Tel Aviv, Shanghai, and New York to expend their business in Berlin. Connox took part in this program presenting Berlin automotive industry with Augmented Reality technology – Visor AR. Visor AR provides Motorcycle Smart Helmet (MSH) solutions based […]

AbiliSense – Sound Recognition Technology

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We take a great pleasure working with a company that understands sounds, and chose Connox to sharpen its marketing tools. AbiliSense started with a vision to provide real-time solutions to individuals in distress. AbiliSense is the company behind the breakthrough technology that offers a sophisticated way to analyze sounds in home, work, city and transport environments. AbiliSense […]

App Your Own Idea

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The Project “App Your Own Idea” is a lecture is targeted to junior programmers that want to practice their coding skills or drive a new idea. We want coders to create their own success by starting with an app! Join “The Project” and get a toolbox! Be inspired from global brands’ case studies and learn […]

Choose Your Social Networks

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It has no news that Social Networks are a powerful marketing tool to keep your audience updated and entertained. Let us count a few: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn. All of us hold accounts in different networks and all advertisers constantly fight for our attention. As an advertiser that uses these networks, you are required […]

Omnichannel and Multichannel Strategies

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Omni channel is the later marketing strategy, commonly used for global brands. Omni channel management syncs all existing digital platforms (mobile, tablets , desktops , and social media networks) with physical stores to create a consumer experience continuous , single and heightened; While Multi -channel mode basically describes a retailer chooses to sell in any […]